2017 April 22: Urgent Meeting

The following must be discussed and decided.  Many people have concerns and ideas, but it is only fair if you personally bring them to the table.  We will seek consensus decisions.

Agenda for Urgent Meeting of DeSoto Art League to held Saturday, April 22, 2017 at DeSoto Presbyterian Church, 212 W. Pleasant Run, DeSoto, TX at 2:00 o’clock

  1. Volunteer candidate/appointees
    1. First V.P. of Programming, that is, the activity we will do for each meetup.  This is something that can be brainstormed and planned for the coming year.  It may mean mixing up the new interactive format with a volunteer guide for one meetup and then inviting a demonstrator for the next.  Separately, but relatedly, we will be establishing in this meeting (or the next, if that happens) what our programming budget is for the 2017-2018 year.
    2. (2) Second V.P.s of Shows to handle the major 2 annual shows in the year.  If resources (including volunteers for these positions) allow, we would continue to have our annual Spring Show, and Winter Show.
    3. Third V.P. of Membership would collect and record dues paid and keep members’ info current.  If such a person is so motivated, maybe we can one day do a membership drive.
    4. Secretary. Meeting minutes are necessary whenever business is discussed, but can be as basic as just noting motions made
  2. Bylaws: To Amend or Dissolve?
  3. Online payments:  for membership dues, for payment of show fees
  4. General Liability Insurance now required, comparison of quotes
  5. Budget proposal
  6. Membership “amnesty”

President Mari Vega will lead this meeting, to solicit discussion and decisions-by-consensus.  The agenda is in order, and all interested people (members and would-be members) are requested to be part of this.

Anticipated timeframe of 1 1/2 hours.  If you can come for part of it but cannot stay, that is still a significant contribution.

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