2017 Spring Show is ON its way!

Faithful and tireless* Bryan Reynolds produced this show, which he counted to be his 15th major show for the League.  That figure leaves off the many changing monthly exhibits that he has coordinated at the DeSoto Library and/or City Hall, then installed with the frequent help of Walt Hackfeld.

This year in the League, we’ve already been enjoying the increased oomph from the pool of longtime and now new volunteer members including Pat Smith, Maria Saenz, Dave Siefert, Barbara Patrie. For this show, he got help from them and also the following sweethearts, and not a moment too soon.
Richard Sims
Mari Vega
Dotty Germino
Cherene Bradshaw

*While it may be said that it is “better to wear it out than let it rust,” it is generally true that “more hands make light work.”  Maybe Bryan won’t leave off training us in how to produce these things just yet–if we keep showing up ready to help.

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