Block Printing with Tammy Wascovich

Tammy Wascovich holding up 2 different pulls from a linoleum plate of a panther

League member Tammy Wascovich generously donated this mini-workshop in block printing, even letting us try out any of her linoleum cuts on either paper or the t-shirts several attendees brought.  Our 2017-2018 Hostess, Maria Saenz, coordinated with Ms. Jean Wiley to bring snacks.  See, the fun stuff of DeSoto Art League is everybody getting to learn, play and make art in a relaxed environment.  ♥

2017 February’s interactive session: Drawing from a live model

Several people draw and paint from a male model dressed in red vest, white shirt and slacks.

Del Wheat, VP of Programming, thought it would be a treat to bring in one of his students to work as the afternoon’s model, dressed á la Cezanne’s The Boy In The Red Vest.  Stephen did remarkably well in holding the pose and even returning to the same position after breaks.  Plenty amongst us were suitably exhausted, too, since drawing from life — especially the figure because there is less wiggle room — is mentally challenging.

We each brought in our own materials so some painted, some drew, and some even stamped!

The day was made even more special by the treat table creation by Pat Smith–so Valentine-y and sweet.  We thank the coordinator of refreshments, Maria Saenz.